Beaver Creek Baptist Church History 2019

” And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”    Matthew 16:17

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus  Christ. Below you will see a brief overview of the Beaver Creek Baptist Church history. As more dated and information becomes available, this history will be updated.

The Beaver Creek Baptist Church was established in the year of our Lord 1871 by the Rev. Scott Brown.  The Church was originally named Old Field Baptist Church, located a few miles from the current location.  Old Field was located right off Singelton Road near Nasoca Pines Ranch.   The Church name was changed to Beaver Creek Baptist Church when it relocate to its current location; 3903 John G. Richards Road, Liberty Hill, SC 29074.  It is on April 20, 1945 when Mr. Abe & Mrs. Lillie Hilton deeded to Deacons Matthew White and Hollis Whitaker the Parcel of land (approximately 1 acre) where the current church is built on.

  • Rev Brown served as Pastor for 38 years.   Under the leadership of Pastor S. Brown, four deacons were ordained which were Deacon William White, Deacon Sam Wilson, Deacon Wilst Dixon and Deacon Rueben Foster.

Others who served as Pastor   through the years were:

  • Rev Douglas Reid.  During Pastor Reid’s leadership, four more deacons were ordained, and they were Deacon Henry White, Deacon Adam Duren, Deacon Davis Green, and Deacon Isaac Patterson.
  • The Rev. W. Browns served Pastor.
  • The Rev. E. S. Jones served as Pastor.
  • The Rev Burke Stewart severed as Pastor
  • The Rev. K. Berry served as Pastor.
  • The Rev. W.M. Johnson served as Pastor.
  • The Rev. Jim Mackey served as Pastor.
  • The Rev Robin Carlos served as Pastor.
  • The Rev. Dave Watts served as Pastor.  Under his leadership, one deacon was ordained, which was Deacon Johnnie Wilson.
    • The Rev. T.S. Jasper served as Pastor.  Under his leadership, 2 deacons were ordained which were Deacon Hollis Whitaker and Deacon Matthew White.
    • The Rev. P.J. Johnson served as Pastor .
    • The Rev. H.B. Washington served as Pastor.
    • The Rev. Frank Belton Served as Pastor.
    • The Rev. A.D. Dennis served as Pastor.
    • The Rev. C.C. Cornelius served as Pastor.
    • The Rev. W.M. Gladden served as Pastor.
    • The Rev. M.C. Moore Served as Pastor.  Under his leadership, 2 deacons were ordained which were Deacon Ross Love and Deacon David Whitaker.
    • The Rev. W.A. Simpson serves as Pastor.
    • The Rev. B.C. Crawford served as Pastor for 22 years.
    •  The Rev. Andrew Evans Served as Pastor for 10 years from 1983 to 1993.  Under his leadership, The Baptistry Pool was constructed and dedicated on July 28, 1985.  The first four candidates to be baptized in the newly completed pool were: Sis. Cynthia Cornelius (now Minister Cynthia Dawkins), Brother Reggie McGriff, Brother Larry Cornelius; (now Deacon Larry Cornelius) and Brother Dwight Lewis.
    • The Rev W.C. Bellamy served as Pastor for five years, beginning May of 1994 to 1999.
    • The Rev LeVerne Spears preached his first sermon as Pastor on August 13th 2000.  Rev. Spears served as Pastor until November 2003. Under his leadership, There were 6 ministers serving under him, which were: Minister Annie Love, Minister Gloria Bufford, Minister Carl Bufford, Minister Doug Gaither, Minister Cynthia Dawking, and Minister Randy Nivens.   Two Deacons were ordained which were: Deacon Larry Cornelius, and Deacon Jerry Cornelius.  The church received 16 new members.  Remodeling of the Church also took place under Pastor L. Spears.

    In July, 2005, Benny Mingo was elected Pastor.   Pastor B. Mingo began his Pastoral leadership September 4th, 2005, and serve as current day Pastor.  Under his leadership, Minister Annie Love was Catechized and Ordained on December 11, 2005, and many have been baptized under him and babies dedicated back to God.  Currently serving as Assistance to Pastor Mingo is Rev. Annie Love and associate Minister Cynthia Dawkins. Current Deacons are Deacon Jessie Cornelius, and Deacon Leroy Love.

  • Sis Ora Lee Love  passed on July 10, 2007.    Sister Ora Lee Love served as Sunday School Superintendent from 1967 until her death in 2007.  Shesuperseded Deacon George Cornelius in this position who had served for many years until his health failed.Sis Ora Lee Love also served as Church Secretary for 44 before resigning this position in 1994.  She was superseded as Secretary by Sis Louise Lewis, who served  as Church Secretary until her passing February 8th, 2016, and Sis Mary Thompson-Blackmon who was assistant to Sis. Louise Lewis currently is serving  in the capacity of Church Secretary.   Also, in 1967, Sis Ora Lee Love resigned as Sunday School Secretary.  This position was also filled by Sis Louise Lewis for many years, but this position is currently held by Bro. Leon McDow.October, 2008. Rev Annie Love was elected as Sunday School Superintendent and Chenoa Cornelius was elected as Adult Sunday School teacher, and both still serve to this day.

  • We give thanks to God for all our leaders, former leaders, members and friends; and we are praising Him in advance for our future leaders, for generations to come.   May God bless you.