Covid 19

Beaver Creek Baptist Church

Committed to your health and safety

Covid-19 Coronavirus Guidelines

  • Mask/Face Coverings Are Required
  • If You Do Not Have A Mask, One Will Be Provided For You.
  • Gloves Are Encouraged And Will Be Provided If Requested
  • Maintain A Safe Social Distance Of 6 Feet At All Times (If Possible).
  • Temperature Scan Is Requires Before Entering The Sanctuary
  • Body Temperature Must Not Exceed 100° Fahrenheit
  • Wash Your Hands With Soap And Water Frequently
  • If Soap And Water Is Not Readily Available, Use Hand Sanitizer
  • If You Have To Cough Or Sneeze, Bend Your Elbow And Bring It Up To Your Face To Help Prevent The Spread Of Germs
  • If You Are Feeling ILL, Please Stay/Return Home And Seek Professional Medical Advice
  • This Facility Will Be Sprayed/Disinfected Before and After Each Service
  • If You Have Been In Contact With Someone Who Tested Positive For Covid-19, Self-Quarantine and Get Tested. Inform those Whom You Have Come In Contact With (Contact Tracing).
  • Enter The Sanctuary Upon Your Own Judgement
  • Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Prayed-Up

Covid-19 Corona virus May Have Temporally Closed The Doors of Our The Church Building, but It Never Closed the Doors Of Our Hearts, The True Church, Which Is On The Inside Of US.


BCBC Temperature Scanning Station

ALL personnel of ALL ages Must Scan Body Temperature before entering the Sanctuary.
Stand approximately six (6) inches from the scanner sensor and wait for your body
temperature reading to appear. As a means of minimizing the transfer of germs,
DO NOT touch the scanning unit; (If your child or guest is not tall enough to reach the scanner sensor,
please assist them by lifting them to obtain a reading.)
If your body temperature is above 100° Fahrenheit, or 37.8° Celsius, please
Do Not enter the Sanctuary but seek professional medical advice.